Success Stories

Joining has been one of the best business decision's I've made in my life. 

I now have the receptionist employed full time, taking bookings and organising the jobs, and I also just hired a full time apprentice.

I have just purchased a commercial shop, all this has happened within 8 months.

Our business was hurting, we were losing our market share, and couldn’t seem to work out why. 

We would of shut our doors if we never worked joined.

I can honestly say that without working with Alexi we would have shut our doors and given up. I don’t want to share Alexi with any of our competition, as anyone would be crazy not to join.

Aaron Clark

Kate & Tony Lievesley

Joining has allowed us to grow and build our team to a size that suits our scope of work.

Without joining we wouldn’t have even got our foot in the door to much larger jobs that we're now working on.

Be prepared to be inundated with solid leads

Go for gold.

Before I started, my electrical business didn't have enough consistency. We would go through up's and downs like a rollercoaster.

I was convinced and excited about the future ahead as I knew this was the way to go.

I've benefited immensely by joining.

Absolutely could not be happier

Elijah Barnes

Scott Mukojil

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